Evacuation Guidelines

Ravalli County has implemented an evacuation and population protection guideline consisting of a Warning and an Order to evacuate.  The information below is being provided to you to inform you of the steps in the evacuation process and what may be necessary for you to do IF an evacuation occurs:


Evacuation Warning:

Current or projected hazards associated with an emergency in this area may require an immediate evacuation.  Law enforcement personnel/representatives will attempt to make personal contact with each residence and business in the affected area.  This is the time for final preparation, precautionary movement of persons with special needs, mobile property, pets and livestock.  Residents are responsible to make arrangements to move their property and livestock.  Some residents, primarily those with special health needs or other concerns, should relocate during this stage of evacuation.

Evacuation Order:

Incident conditions present an immediate threat to persons within this area.  Evacuation is necessary in order to protect the lives of area occupants and emergency personnel responding to the incident.  This is the time for residents to GET OUT of the area immediately for safety reasons.  This is not the time to move personal property or livestock.  Law enforcement personnel shall attempt to convey this order to citizens door to door, however if this is not practical or possible this information may be delivered via a Public Address System from a patrol vehicle.  Should the latter method be employed the personnel will activate the emergency lights and siren on the vehicle.

If you choose to ignore this order, you must understand that emergency responders MAY NOT BE ABLE TO ASSIST YOU and no other persons will be allowed into the evacuated area. By ignoring this order, you place yourself and others who may try to rescue you in danger of bodily injury and death.

Roadblocks and 24-hour patrols by law enforcement will be instituted to protect property within the evacuated area

Evacuation Routes and Shelters:  An Evacuation Shelter may be established in a safe location in this area.  If you have been evacuated, you have the choice of staying at the center or going elsewhere for accommodations (i.e. friends, relatives or hotels).  Please drive in a safe and orderly fashion out of the area and be on the lookout for fast moving emergency vehicles.  For evacuation information, you may call the Emergency Operations Center at 406-375-6650.

Keep Informed.  The success of this guideline requires the cooperation and assistance of informed occupants.  Stay tuned to the local media outlets for updates.  Listen and ask questions when an emergency service representative contacts you.

Plan Ahead.  Preplanning can help you avoid last minute frustrations.  Plan where you will go and WHAT YOU WILL TAKE when you evacuate.