How to text to 911

Call 911 if you can, Text 911 if you can’t.

• Text to 911 is not intended to replace calling 911, but is intended for:
   Hearing/Speech impaired community members.
      o Medical emergencies that render the person incapable of speaking.
      o When speaking on the phone would put you in danger;
         * Home Invasion
         * Domestic Violence encounters
      o When voice calls are out of coverage and unavailable, but 911 text may go through.

• If you text to 911, provide your address or detailed location.

• Provide the nature of your emergency or incident and what services you need.

• Communicate clearly, using full sentences and words. Do not use abbreviations, slang words, or emoticons to communicate with 911.

• You must be in range of a cell tower in Ravalli County to reach Ravalli County 911 by text.

• You must have a data plan, available data and a mobile device capable of sending a text to utilize text to 911 in Ravalli County.

• Out of service and roaming cell phones will not be able to text to 911 in Ravalli County.

• Do not joke around with text to 911. If you text 911, first responders will be dispatched and you will be held responsible if you report false incidents.