Ranch Rodeo

The cowboys and cowgirls who are out in the corrals, pastures and fields working cattle day after day come to town on the first night of the fair to battle against their friends and neighbors and of course, cattle and horses. The Ranch Rodeo begins at 7 pm. Teams of five will compete in calf branding, team doctoring, team sorting, bronc riding, wild cow milking, and trailer loading. The teams are made up of five members with at least one man or one woman on the team.

Most events are self-explanatory with rules as to how many people are mounted and how many are on the ground. The bronc riding is the only judged event - everything else is timed.

Team doctoring has a designated cutter and three herd holders all on horseback. There is a limit of four loops to catch the animal and a two-minute time limit. Wild cow milking is just that, catching a cow, mugging her, and milking the cow with the cow standing. There must be enough milk to pour out of the jug in front of the judge.

This is a crowd pleaser with lots of whooping, hollering with a taste of days gone by.