Commissioners Duties and Powers

The Ravalli County Board of County Commissioners has jurisdiction and power to represent the County and has care of the County property and the management of the business and concerns of the County and to perform all other acts and functions which may be necessary to the full discharge of the duties of the chief executive authority of the County government (MCA-7-5-2101).

Powers and Duties of the County Commissioners include but are not limited to:

Executive & Administrative:
1) Supervise the official conduct of all county officers
2) Charged with the collecting, safekeeping, management or disbursement of county revenues
3) Organize special districts (water, sewer, cemeteries, fire)
4) Supervise road programs
5) Consolidate county offices
6) May contract with other governmental units

1) Appoint department heads, advisory board members, and other elected officials in the event of a vacancy

1) Establish and approve the county budget annually
2) Levy taxes, issue bonds and borrow money
3) Investigate claims against the county and authorize treasurer to pay bills
4) Acquire, maintain, construct, rent or lease property as provided by law
5) Establish contract and purchasing procedure for the county as provided by law
6) Budget and spend state and federal revenues

Licensing & Regulation:
1) Authorized to license: public dances, dogs, ferries, public scales
2) Authorized to regulate: parking and curfews in unincorporated towns
3) Authorized to land use and zoning