Dyer's Woad

Dyer's Woad can be a winter annual, a biennial or a short lived perennial. It is a member of the Mustard Family. It was brought to America during the colonial period when people used it for a dye as a replacement for indigo.
Root: Taproot and some lateral roots

Leaves: All leaves bluish-green with white midrib. Rosette leaves have long slender stalks, are widest near the tip and covered with soft hairs. Stem leaves lack hairs, are alternate, lance-shaped and clasp the stem. The leaves are alternate.

Flower: The flower is yellow. The flowers form a cluster on the upper stem in a flat-topped inflorescence. The flowers bloom from mid May to August.

Management Options:
  • Hand Pulling
  • Herbicide
  • Prevention
Dyer's woad 1