Pro Se Dissolution Forms

You are strongly urged to seek the assistance of legal counsel, especially when there are children involved.

Should you decide to represent yourself during the court proceedings, please follow the instructions contained in each packet of forms, very carefully, step-by-step, please print forms one-sided ONLY.

Pro Se Dissolution Forms may be found HERE

Court Fees

An initial fee is charged by the Clerk of District Court for filing a new case, reopening a closed case, or for appearing and filing a response. In some cases, the Court will waive the fees. An Affidavit of Indigence must be completed and submitted for approval by the District Judge for a waiver of fees. Download the Individual Affidavit of Indigence or Joint Affidavit of Indigence.


Change of Address

 It is your responsibility to keep the mailing address in your case current with the Court. This form is for notification only by a party (Plaintiff/Petitioner or Defendant/Respondent) and does not fulfill the requirements of MCA Section 40-4-217 when the filing of a Notice of Intent to Move with a child is necessary. Download the Change of Address Form.

 When Other Forms Are Needed:
 If you are searching for other forms - such as amending your parenting plan, or applying for a temporary restraining order, please visit the Montana Law Library Forms