Ravalli County Sheriff's Office Fees

Service Fee
Copy of  Redacted  Incident Report-Initial Report
Local background check for Visa/Police Clearance letter (2 notarized letters)
Copy of Coroner, Autopsy, Toxicology, Full Records (including other criminal justice information (fees for coroner reports are waived for immediate family) $25 
                                                                       Any report over 10 pages Add $.25 per page
Fingerprints-In County Residents
Fingerprints-Out of County Residents
Civil Fees 
Per person served
All processes other than Writs of Execution and Sheriff's Sale
Writs of Execution $125.00
Sheriff's Sale
(+=Publications, mailing and storage)
$400.00 +
Postponing/Cancellation of Sheriff Sale $65.00 
Civil Stand by  $75.00 1st Hour
($50.00 every Additional hour)
Notarized returns $5 / per signature 
New CCW Application $65
Renewal CCW Application   $35 
Duplicate CCW $10 
CCW Transfers Free 
SVOR New Registration $20 
Notary Fee  $5 

Conditions of Record Release

The only records the Sheriff's Office can disseminate are those that originate from our agency. You must contact each originating agency for dissemination of their records. The Montana State Identification Bureau at 303 N Roberts, Helena, MT, 59620, can make a statewide check. Their telephone number is 406-444-3625.

Release of any documents from this office is contingent on applicable law pertaining to Montana Law specific to public criminal justice information (MCA 44-5-103).

Per Montana Statute

1-5-418, Maximum fees of notaries. Maximum fees of notaries public are as follows:
(1) for drawing an affidavit, deposition, or other paper for which a maximum fees is not otherwise specified, $3.50 a page;
(2) for taking an acknowledgement or proof of a deed or other instrument, including the seal and the writing of the certificate, for the first signature, $5;
(3) for each additional signature of the same person as referred to in a subsection (1), $1;
(4) for administering an oath or affirmation, $5;
(5) for certifying an affidavit, with or without seal, including oath, $5; and
(6) for mileage or other charge to travel to or from or to and from the place of the notarial act, the amount provided by law for state employees when using the same mode of travel and traveling on state business.