Concealed Weapon Permits

The Sheriffs Office can take your picture and signature when you turn in your application and the CCW permit can be mailed to you after it has been processed.
                                  *Important Application Processing notes:

 * It can take 6- 8 weeks to process your (New or Renewal) application depending on the volume
     of applications, so please turn it in a minimum of 2 months before it expires but
     no more than 3 months. 
You must turn in your completed application in person to the Sheriff's Office. Please do not mail your application in.

        *  The fees associated with the processing of your application will not be refunded even if your application is denied.

        * New, and renewal applications can be picked up at the Sheriff's Receptionist window, Monday-Friday from 
           8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or printed from off website.

Submitting Your Application

Applications for a Concealed Weapon permit (CCW), must be submitted in person by the person making the application. Applications are turned into Ravalli County Sheriff's Office located on the main floor of the Ravalli County Courthouse. We are now doing electronic fingerprints, not ink, so you must show a completed CCW application to the person that is fingerprinting you so it can be entered properly in the live scan system. Fingerprints are done on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 8am-11:00am and 2pm-4:30pm only. Fingerprints are not done on Holidays.
We offer our Concealed Weapons’ Applications online. To access and print, click on one of the links listed below.
  • new CCW permit requires: a completed application, a Current Montana driver’s license or other Government issued Montana ID., cash, or a check in the amount of $65.00, non-refundable, made payable to Ravalli County Treasurer’s Office. (We also accept credit cards), a firearm safety certificate or Military DD-214 and fingerprints..
  • renewal CCW permit requires: a completed renewal application, driver’s license or other Government issued Montana ID., cash, or a check in the amount of $35.00, non-refundable, made payable to Ravalli County Treasurer’s Office. We also accept credit cards, and a current Ravalli County CCW permit. If the current CCW permit is even one (1) day over the expiration, the entire process must be started over as if applying for a new permit.
  • If you are renewing anything other than a Ravalli County CCW, In State or from a state that Montana recognizes, and your permit is not expired, you will pay the renewal fee of $35.00 but you MUST complete the New Application, and fingerprints because your permit is New to Ravalli County.
  • Please submit your renewal at least 30 days in advance but no more than 90 days.

Transfer Permits

Transfers from other Montana cities or towns, need a completed transfer form, a copy of their unexpired Montana CCW permit, and a copy of their Montana driver’s license or other Government issued Montana ID. You must renew your Transferred CCW permit prior to your expiration date on your other Montana County Permit.

Ravalli County Sheriff's Office only recognizes and issues four year permits.

We do not accept Transferals  from other states, you must go through the application process.

Status After Filing:

The Sheriff’s Office will mail your permit to you after it is processed or call you if you prefer to pick it up, just let us know when you turn in your application how you would prefer to receive it.

For information on the status of your CCW application and the issuance of a permit, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 406-375-4060.