Ravalli County Weed District

About Noxious Weeds

What is a Noxious Weed?
 Noxious weeds are non-native plants that have been introduced to Ravalli County through human actions both purposely and accidentally. Due to their aggressive growth and lack of natural enemies, these species can be highly destructive, competitive, and difficult to control.

 Noxious weeds reduce crop yields, edge out native plant communities that wildlife and fish depend on and degrade wildlife habitat. The damages from noxious weeds can cost landowners, ranchers and farmers millions of dollars in loss of production and control efforts. These costs can be transferred to consumers through higher food costs. Noxious weeds also damage recreational sites, clog waterways, lower land values, and can poison livestock.
An invasive species can become a noxious weed when it has shown to have serious effects on natural resources, ecosystem health and our economy.

If you have any questions about potential noxious weeds on your property The Ravalli County Weed District can assist you with identifying noxious weeds and give you advice on their control.

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Ravalli County Weed District Mission

We will strive to preserve the integrity and diversity of our natural resources and agricultural lands within Ravalli County and will continue to help the people of Ravalli County through education and assistance in the control of noxious weeds.

Weed Board Members 

All members are serving at large:
  • Tim Tackes (Term Exp 12/31/2023)
  • Jim Schroeder (Term Exp 12/31/2022)
  • Paul Moore (Term Exp 12/31/2021)
  • Gil Gale (Term Exp 12/31/2022)
  • Diane Bessler Hackett Ex Officio (no term)

Res. 3507 Weed Board Bylaws