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September 2023

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Regular Meetings
Regular meetings are held on Tuesday and Thursday and usually begin at 9 a.m. and follow the approximate schedule as closely as possible. However, it is possible that meeting times may change as the meeting flow allows. If an item is marked with an asterisk (*) on the agenda, the Commission will not flow and that meeting will start at the scheduled time. 

Calendared Meetings

The Ravalli County Commissioners generally hold calendared meetings Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week. Those meetings are scheduled throughout the day and are held at certain times.  Calendared meetings may be scheduled on Tuesday or Thursday and if the meeting is marked with an asterisk (*) on the agenda, the meeting will start at the scheduled time.

Meeting Format
Each meeting of the Board of County Commissioners shall include time for Comments on Public Matters, not otherwise on the agenda that are within the Commission's jurisdiction. If you would like to submit your written comments, please email them to the County Commissioners

This calendar is set for a quorum of Commissioners. If a citizen wishes to speak to a quorum being placed on the public calendar, please contact our office at 375-6500. Any changes to the calendar are brought forward within 48 hours notice.

All quorum calendar meetings are open to the public unless they are for litigation strategy and/or personnel matters, then Closed Door can be invoked (MCA 2-3-203). If you have any questions please contact Glenda Wiles, the commissioners' Administrative Assistant at 375-6500.