Board Openings


If you are interested in serving on any of these boards, please fill out an application and submit to the Commissioners Office at 215 S. 4th Street, Suite A, Hamilton, or submit on line. Applications are due by FRIDAY, November 03, 2023 at 5:00 PM.  Any questions call Chris Taggart/Commissioners Adm. Assistant 375-6500.  

Airport Board

Three year term:       Two (2) positions open (#4 and #6)


BR Public Library Board

Five year term:         One (1) position open (#1)


No term limit:             One (1) positions open (#14)

Fair Board

Four year term:         Two (2) positions open (#1 and #7)

Grantsdale Cemetery

Four year term:         One (1) position open (#5)


Investment Committee:

Two year term:            One (1) position open:   County School District Rep)


Various terms:           Two (2) positions open (#1 and #2)

Open Lands Board
Three year term:        Two (2) positions open (At Large and Park Board Rep)

Park Board
Three year term:       One (1) position open (District 3, south valley)

Planning Board

Two year term:         Six (6) positions open (Darby School District; Florence School District; Hamilton School District; Lone Rock School District; Victor School District and At Large #1)

Planning & Zoning Commission

Two year term:          Two (2) positions open (Citizen #1 and Citizen #2)

Right to Farm & Ranch
Three year term:       Four (4) positions open (#2, #3, #7 and #8)

Salary Comp Board
Three year term:       One (1) position open: (Citizen #1)

Three year term:       One (1) position open (#2)

Board Application


Humble Drainage District
Willow Creek Drainage District
Corvallis Fire
Darby Fire
Florence Fire
Hamilton Fire
Painted Rocks Fire
Stevensville Fire
Sula Fire
Three Mile Fire
Victor Fire
West Fork Fire
Bitter Root Irrigation District
Blodgett Creek Irrigation District
Canyon Creek Irrigation District
Charlos Irrigation District
Daly Ditches Irrigation District
Lomo Irrigation District
Mill Creek Irrigation District
Sunset Irrigation District
Ward Irrigation District
Florence Park District
Lone Rock Park District
North Valley Library
Park District 2 (Aquatic Center)
Stevi West Park District
Victor Park District
Corvallis Sewer District
Tin Cup Water & Sewer District
Victor Water & Sewer District