Demonstration Schedule

Wednesday, 8/31, 2:00pm:  Gary Clark, "Why Did This Entry Win"

Thursday, 9/1, 11:00am:  Nina Eadie, "Getting the Most From Your Container Plantings"
Thursday, 9/1, 2:00pm:  JoAnne Gibbons, "Create a Winning Tray Design"
Friday, 9/2, 11:00am:  Nina Eadie, "Design a Flower Bed That Really Works:
Friday, 9/2, 2:00pm:  Jenny Zito, "Create a Palette of Color From a Leftover Pallet"
Saturday, 9/3, 11:00am:  Samantha O'Byrne, "Grow Your Flowers and Eat Them, Too"